2go Travel Promo to Puerto Princesa

2go Travel Promo:  This promo is exclusive to a trip going to Puerto Princesa. This tourist hub has a lot to offer to both local and international tourists. Are you #Ready2GO to explore amazing caves? Visit one of the Hundred Caves and the Underground River in Puerto Princesa with our LOW ALL-IN rates this whole month of June!

Puerto Princesa has more to offer than blue waters and white sands. Look up and spot rare birds flying across the sky. Are you #Ready2GO and see them for yourself?

Rates are exclusive of service fee.

From Ugong Rock to Elephant Cave, Puerto Princesa has excellent rock climbing spots! Grab your chance to visit Palawan with our low all-in rates!

Zipline your way through the beauty of Puerto Princesa!

Discover the interesting past of Puerto Princesa and visit amazing museums and historical attractions this June!

Every sunset is said to be different, prove it for yourself and spend a few days in Puerto Princesa.

Everybody needs a break... finding yourself in one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines is now easier to do.

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  1. Magkano pa Puerto princesa said 1st week January 2019

  2. Magkanu po ticket manila to puerto princesa on march 8 2019

  3. How much po ticket from Batangas to caticlan, may 15 ,2019?