Promos PH, Launched!

Promos PH: To all our fellow 2Go Travel passengers and readers about Superferry promo fares, we have some announcement to make about our newest website that we just launched this month of May. Earlier, we thought of catering to a greater no. of Filipinos that are looking for promos on different brands and online shopping sites. Since this blog we maintained since 2008 has been doing good, serving our subscribers with the latest promo updates exclusively for 2Go travel, we would like to touch-base to the other needs of our fellow readers, thus we created a new website.

Please take a time to visit which aims to really provide you with information on the latest deals, promos, discount vouchers from the various shopping sites in our country like Ebay, Zalora, Lazada,, Agoda and a lot more.

We hope you were able to check the new website we have. And we wish you could take a little favor we ask from you. We have created a dedicated social media accounts exclusive for this new Pls. refer below for the different accounts. And just to let you know, you will have a chance to buy a teeth whitening kit and avail it with 20% off from its price! How is that? Please continue reading.

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As part of this information with our new website is also our perfect treat to all of you! Take advantage of a 20% discount when you buy this Teeth Whitening Kit through 

How to avail?

1. Go to INSTAGRAM and find this company's account: @whitersmileph and send them a pm.

2. Ask about how to buy the kit and tell them you got the promo code: promosph20

3. You will automatically get a 20% discount.

4. Pay the item and wait for it to arrive.

We appreciate any feedback from your experience when purchasing and using the item as well. Do give us a comment below or pm us on our social media accounts.

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Expect a lot of hot deals, discounts and promos to be featured in this new website. More from the different online shopping sites like, or booking site like

At this point, if you haven't check it, pls. do so. You won't regret it. We make sure you will get something good with you visit the promos ph website. We hope you could share to everyone in your list! Happy booking and happy shopping!


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