Superferry Promo: From Manila to Boracay

Featuring Boracay Destination

For a lot of people in the Philippines, the best time to have a vacation is during summer. But for others, it can be just any other time of the year. This means, you can simply have a holiday trip to the beach at your most convenient time. Still, the hot target will be the white sand beach of Boracay!
You may have the option to travel onboard a plane or by sea ferry. But if you want a good relaxing travel by boat, 2Go travel shipping via Superferry is what we suggest. From time to time, we have the Superferry promo for our seasoned passengers and those who travel often.

If you are in Manila, you may go to the Batangas Port and your point of destination will be in Boracay, Caticlan! It’s about 4 hours travel. So, you may have enough time to relax in your own cabin or with others. Sleep enough so when you arrive to the Boracay beach, you have all the energy to use!

Still, Boracay beach is the Philippine frontline tourists attraction. As a local, you should at least have a good experience at its welcoming waters.

We also suggest you book your hotel accommodation ahead of time. At the sidebar of this site, you can find a box where you can check and book your hotels. Grab every opportunity to have a discount online. When transacting online, you need a credit card or a debit card to book your hotels or tickets. It is one fast easy way to pay. It’s convenient and don’t worry, it is SECURE!

Now, you may plan ahead your travel to Boracay on the LESS peak season. So at least, you will have a good time to embrace the beach with not too crowded beach goers. Of course, night parties and other shindigs are also happening in different bars and restaurants of Boracay. So it’s still like the world revolves around it from time to time. It’s still the same feeling you will get!

So get ready with your beach outfit and get those booties on! Stay tune for the Superferry Promo to be released!

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