Ferry Travel Experience

Traveling and visiting other places could be a hobby for some and it depends on what mode of transportation you are comfortable in. Some prefers traveling by sea (ferry boats), others by plane, and one can choose land travel by bus. But let us focus on sea travel.

What is your experience with Superferry Philippines?

Are you comfortable on board the ship? How is the service, the accommodation and the food? The cabins, are they clean enough? These are the criteria that one will most likely ask.

One thing to point it out is that some may only have one choice in reaching to their destinations and that is by sea travel. Definitely, Superferry Philippines could be the only best option. And certainly, it is good that you can say something on what needs to be improved in terms of service and accommodation.

What are promo fares?

We Filipinos love discounts, promos and freebies in particular. And what's good with 2Go Travel (Superferry), is that they usually come up with fair fares in some selected destinations. All you need is to keep on watching for promo fare updates and some perks you could get when choosing Superferry Philippines as your ferry travel of choice.

Now,we would love to hear your thoughts coming from our passengers. Would you mind to comment below? Who knows? The company management might be able to read it. Appreciate your feedback.


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  2. My wife and I had our second honeymoon on a Superferry boat from Cagayan to Manila. We occupied a Stateroom. I work abroad so we travel everytime I am in the Philippines. It was a nice trip except for an incident when I tried to recharge our mobile phones. The clerk at the information table told us that since other customers did not return the adaptors for the power outlets, we just have to rechare our phones at a public recharging unit. Hello? what is the point of paying almost more than 8k for a stateroom if I can't even charge my phone in the privacy of my expensive room? The fault of others should not be put on me. The lady did not even try to help me and diverted her attention to someone else which was very, very rude since I haven't finished my query. Is this how you treat high-paying clients? Act on this otherwise it will be repeated by your crew. A poster near the ship entrance says that complaints will be dealt with professionaly. The way your staff attended to mine, you're a long shot from what you posted. I'd still travel with you, but will be hesitant to ask for help from any of your staff henceforth.
    Sorry I had to post this but it is for the betterment of your trade.