Date Posted: 9/9/2009
Author: Corporate Communications Desk

As of 6pm, 961 crew members and passengers have been accounted for. Regretfully, there are 10 fatalities. 10 names in the official manifest cannot be physically matched but we also have 10 persons rescued and physically accounted for, whose names are not in the manifest.

SuperFerry1 with 56 rescued passengers bound for Manila arrived today, September 9 at 2pm.

SuperFerry has already repatriated 760 rescued passengers and crew from rescue sites and Zamboanga city to their respective desired destinations. There are 62 rescued passengers who are scheduled to be repatriated today. 106 passengers are scheduled to be repatriated starting tomorrow. 23 rescued passengers are still being treated in various hospitals.

SuperFerry will continue to care for the injured, repatriate the survivors based on their chosen mode of transport. Our teams are available in the various areas to receive the arriving passengers.

The insurance coverages of the passengers and vessel are mandated by law. SuperFerry is a responsible corporate citizen and adheres strictly to all governing laws. SuperFerry has offered each rescued passenger 6,000php for lost baggage compensation as indicated in the passage ticket. SuperFerry will also give 5,000php as additional assistance. This is aside from all the other assistance we have extended to our passengers such as transport to their final destination. We will continue to support and provide for the comfort of all our passengers until they are safely delivered to their destinations and are committed to assist the relatives and loved ones of those who perished in this event.

MARINA has issued a statement clarifying that the 50,000php cash assistance is not applicable to SuperFerry9 passengers. It will only be given to survivors of incidents involving overloading of vessels. Contrary to reports of overloading, the SuperFerry9 sailed well within her passenger and crew as well as cargo capacity. SuperFerry consistently adheres to the standard safety requirements of Marina, ISPS and Philippine Coast Guard.

ATS has filed a motion for reconsideration (MR) with Marina and a supplemental order was received yesterday allowing SF 1, 12 and 19 to complete their voyages and return to Manila. The Marina Maritime Safety Office will conduct an audit of all compliance documents. If the vessels pass this audit, a re-inspection and re-audit will be scheduled without affecting the sailing schedule. If the vessels fail the document audit, that vessels will immediately be subjected to a technical inspection and onboard audit and will not be allowed to sail until all the deficiencies are corrected.

To prevent further inconvenience to our passengers, we have refunded our passenger their tickets and will advise them accordingly once our schedules have normalized.

Please visit our website, for the list of passengers accounted for and the names of the casualties. You may also call our SuperFerry hotline, 528-7000 for inquiries.

We will update you as soon as we get more information.

Thank you

Signed: Jess Supan, VP for Safety and Security

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