Superferry Official Advisory as of 8:30 pm

Date Posted: 9/7/2009
Author: Corporate Communications Desk

As of 8:30pm, all 955 crew members and passengers have been accounted for. Regretfully, there were 9 fatalities. 16 names in the official manifest cannot be physically matched but we also have 16 persons rescued and physically accounted for, whose names are not in the manifest.

SuperFerry1 departed from Zamboanga last night, September 6, 11:15pm. It is estimated to arrive in Iloilo tomorrow, September 8, 5:30am with 119 rescued passengers, 63 rescued passengers bound for Manila are estimated to arrive tomorrow, September 8 at 12midnight.

SuperFerry5 arrived in Bacolod from Zamboanga at 7:00am with 58 rescued passengers who disembarked in Bacolod. SuperFerry5 departed from Bacolod at 11am and is estimated to arrive in Manila tomorrow, 8:30am with 122 rescued passengers. All other rescued passengers are in Zamboanga.

SuperFerry has arranged for all required assistance such as medical, hotel accommodations, clothing, food and transport needs for the rescued passengers and crew. All injured passengers have been brought to the hospitals for treatment. Relatives of the passengers may get assistance from centers that have been set up in Manila, Iloilo, General Santos, Davao and Zamboanga. Funeral arrangements will be made for those who perished in this event. The insurance of the passengers and vessel are mandated by law. SuperFerry is a responsible corporate citizen and adheres strictly to all governing laws. We will continue to support and provide for the comfort of all our passengers until they are safely delivered to their destinations and are committed to assist the relatives and loved ones of those who perished in this event.

SuperFerry has consulted oil experts from Shell Philippines who assured them that the fuel oil onboard, which is of the heavy type of fuel, will most probably stay inside the fuel tanks of SuperFerry9. There is approximately 220 tons of this fuel onboard. A small oil slick of the diesel fuel type was spotted from the air. SuperFerry hired contractors with oil booms to handle this small slick with chemical oil dispersants. Philippine coast guard has also mobilized their Buoy Tender from Palawan with another oil boom and oil dispersants onboard.

Some container vans have floated and are now in the process of being recovered by tugboats to be towed away from the navigational lanes.

Contrary to reports of overloading, the SuperFerry9 passenger and crew capacity is 1,120. We only carried a total of 971 crew and passengers. Our cargo capacity is 209 TEUs and we only loaded 186 TEUs. We are well within the capacity of our vessel. SuperFerry consistently adheres to the standard safety requirements of Marina, ISPS and Philippine Coast Guard. The ship was cleared to sail by General Santos Station of the Philippine Coast Guard.

There was no explosion, smoke or fire. The hull of the Superferry 9 was intact, there was no water ingress.

Please visit our website, for the list of passengers accounted for.

You may also call our SuperFerry hotline, 528-7000 for inquiries.

We will update you as soon as we get more information.

Thank you

Signed: Jess Supan, VP for Safety and Security

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