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Seat Sale at Php 575

2go Travel Promo:  Viva Señor Santo Niño! Are you waiting for any 2go Travel promo? If Cebu city has their Sinulog Festival, and Iloilo has their Ati-Atihan, Romblon also has their own Biniray Festival! And 2Go Travel has been generous this time to offer such promo that one can avail with the following route: Batangas-Romblon-Batangas and that is just for the ferry ticket as low as Php 575.00 ++

Here are the details that you need to remember:

Selling date: January 13 to 14, 2018
Travel Date: June 18 - September 30, 2018

So what is Biniray Festival?

2go Travel Advisory January 2018

2go Travel Promo Fare: Well, it's the start of the year and we are having a new tropical depression called AGATON. As you know, just days ago, before the eve of Christmas, the tropical storm VINTA waged havoc in the southernmost part of the Philippines particularly in Mindanao and the Palawan island. And after we celebrate and welcome the New Year, 2018 while saying goodbye to 2017 as well, we are greeted with another nuisance to our sea travel, this tropical depression. While this natural disaster is out of our hands, all we can do is to take precautionary measures. So we have established some advisories for you to be guided below.


2go Travel Advisory 2017

2go Travel Promo: This post is a list of travel advisories from 2Go Travel that have affected a number of voyages due to the tropical depression, Urduja and the recent tropical storm, Vinta that hit the country especially in the Visayas and Mindanao areas days before Christmas. Having these said incidents opted the shipping company, 2Go Travel to reschedule their voyages to some select destinations especially those affected point of destinations.

Below are list of changes: